Intelligent control that thinks ahead

A heating system can only be as effective and economical as its heating controller. On this premise, Schwank engineers have developed an extraordinary control: “ThermoControl Plus”. In order to guarantee an energy-conserving and environmentally friendly heating operation, an intelligent control system must be able to adapt to a specific building and its utilisation characteristics. A heating controller must fulfil various requirements to ensure that a logistics hall, workshop, warehouse, production site or sports hall is heated in an energy-conscious way. ThermoControl Plus is able to meet all kinds of demands and additionally takes into consideration one further essential factor: operating comfort. Regelung-Vorteile_04


Practice-orientated service modules and a self-explanatory menu navigation facilitate the daily operation of the heating system. In combination with a Building Management System [BMS], the ThermoControl Plus heating controller is setting an example for the future automatic control engineering for industrial buildings. ThermoControl Plus, as well as the communication modules for remote service and Building Management System, can easily and quickly be retrofitted, including with existing Schwank heating systems.

  • Compatible with single-stage, two-stage and fully modulating heating systems
  • Automatically determines the optimum pre-heating time – CostControl
  • Remote control/remote service as an option
  • Integration into the company’s intranet or fire alarm system possible
  • Capable of being integrated into Buidling Management Systems
  • Economic, efficient and ecology-minded
  • Simple operation
  • Self-explanatory menu navigation
  • Quick access to all important heating controller setting parameters
  • Stores all heating characteristics and logs
  • Manual heating time extension possible
  • Can be retrofitted to all Schwank systems