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Plaque heater

Innovative, economic, fast and quiet
The core of the plaque [high-intensity / luminous] infrared tube heater is the unique ceramic burner tile invented by our founder, Günther Schwank. The infrared heater’s energy is generated from a gas-air-mixture through clean combustion at 3,600 openings per tile. The ceramic heating tile’s surface will thereby be heated up to 950°C, glowing “brightly” and releasing infrared radiation. Reflectors deflect and direct the infrared radiation downwards, heating the occupied level up to the desired comfort temperature. Hellstrahler_Vorteil_05
Schwank plaque [luminous] tube heaters are used for heating factories, warehouses, distribution centres, workshops, service garages, aviation hangars, sports facilities and churches. Furthermore, special infrared models are available for a range of heating applications from outdoor patios to football stadiums.
Schwank has developed plaque [luminous] heaters in 3 energy-efficiency classes:

  • supraSchwank, our Premium plaque tube heater
  • primoSchwank, setting the Industrial Standard
  • ecoSchwank, the Entry Model

Advantages of Schwank plaque [luminous] infrared heaters:

  • Exceptionally high energy efficiency and economy, low CO2 and NOx
  • Uniform and comfortable radiant heat
  • Schwank heaters feature very short warm-up times
  • Long-life cycle and high comfort
  • Heating of partial areas with differentiated temperatures possible
  • No dust swirls or draughts with Schwank plaque infrared heaters
  • Virtually noiseless
  • Simple and space-saving installation
  • Quality ”Made in Germany“